tanning burnaby Indoor tanning Burnaby is a safer option than tanning under the sun. When you go to a professional salon like Sun Lounge Tanning Studios, you are in a controlled environment and get to build your tan gradually, developing pigmentation and increasing your natural SPF. There is no risk of overexposure, which is not something you can say when you tan in the sun. Visit us now to tan safely and effectively.

If you want to get that tanned glow but don’t have the time to sit under the sun for hours by the pool or on a beach, it’s time to make an appointment with a tanning Burnaby salon. Some experts agree that indoor tanning is safer and more effective than outdoor tanning as it lets you stay in a controlled environment where you can slowly and gradually build a tan. Your skin develops a natural pigmentation and your body slowly increases your SPF, thus making the tanning process safer. 
Also, tanning under the sun exposes you to a lot of uncontrollable factors—like the intensity of the UV rays, time of day and year, altitude, pollutants, cloud coverage, and reflective surfaces—which can increase the risk of overexposure because they are much harder to predict or control. Excessive sun exposure destroys the fibers of your lower skin layers, causing sagging and wrinkling. In a good tanning Burnaby salon like sun lounger, you will be asked to use a lotion to prevent skin dehydration, which is the biggest culprit in the wrinkling process.
Some studies even show that indoor tanning can help treat osteoporosis—a disease caused mainly by lack of calcium. The tanning bed’s UVB rays may help your body produce Vitamin D3 (also known as the sunshine vitamin) and therefore aid in calcium absorption. 
One of the best tanning salons in Burnaby is Sun Lounge, and you can count on us to make the indoor tanning experience as luxurious and safe as it can be. Visit us today or use the online form to set an appointment.  
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