Tanning Salons Burnaby Sun Lounge Tanning Studios is one of the leading tanning salons Burnaby and it’s easy to see why. We use only the most advanced tanning equipment – the best in the world – to ensure that you develop color safely, in a controlled environment. Visit our salon now and see the difference. You’ll come out looking terrific.

If you want that golden glow for a special occasion or simply want to be a little more tan for swimsuit season, it’s time to visit tanning salons Burnaby.  The key is to look for reputable salon that is manned by trained tanning professionals who focus on cleanliness, comfort, and safety. 
Before you sign up for a tanning session, ask the salon about what precautions they take to ensure the cleanliness of their facilities. The best tanning salons Burnaby sanitize their beds after every use to prevent germs, viruses, and bacteria from spreading. The salon should likewise provide you with eye protection or protective eye goggles. Your regular sunglasses simply don’t cut it and will not sufficiently protect your eyes from the UV rays.
It’s also wise to limit your exposure by choose the minimum light dose, especially if you have sensitive skin. The salon’s staff should monitor you and follow your progress throughout the session. If you are taking any medications—prescription or over-the-counter—ask your doctor if they can cause light sensitivity. Antihistamines, some birth control pills, and tranquilizers sometimes have this effect. Do you have medical conditions like lupus or diabetes? Ask your doctor is exposure to UV light can aggravate your problem. 
Finally, always wear sunscreen and reapply frequently. The salon will likely provide you with an SPF lotion. 
For a fantastic tanning experience, visit us at Sun Lounge Tanning Studios. Use the ‘contact’ form on this website to make an appointment or call us at 604.294.8266. 
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